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Rachel Tumbry

Chiropractic Assistant

My name is Rachel Tumbry...

I have been a C.A. at Cestaro Chiropractic since January 2019.

Here is a quick story!

I believe God paved my way here. In September 2017, I had been suffering for more than one year with debilitating headaches. They were greatly affecting my life to the degree that I was convinced there was something much, much worse wrong with me. I had gone thru every test possible with my regular Dr. to find the cause of the headaches but despite her persistent efforts, she got nowhere. Finally, a friend reached out and recommended giving Dr. Cestaro a call. I had

never been under the care of a chiropractor, but I was ready to try anything! I called, got right in, and had positive results almost immediately. After only several months, my headaches were lessened significantly in both frequency and intensity such that it was obvious to me the adjustments giving me relief! Then, before I knew it, the headaches were gone. Gone! I could hardly believe it. Up until this time, I never understood chiropractic care. I am so thankful that I was able to benefit so much from getting adjusted! What a relief to learn that my headaches were just a misaligned spine and nothing more!


After being under care at Cestaro Chiropractic for 1 year and 3 months, Dr. Cestaro announced on the office Facebook page that they were looking for help and would love to hire someone who already appreciated chiropractic, including patients! Well I knew I sure appreciated chiropractic! I half-jokingly responded that day, which was a Thursday, and the following Monday, I began training as a Chiropractic Assistant!  So, there it is.

When I leave Cestaro Chiropractic each work-day, I go home to my husband, Ron and 4 children: Matthew, Mia, Kayla and Titus who all enjoy being adjusted!

I love meeting new patients on their first visit! Many times, their concern or their pain is quite obvious to me. I can sympathize with their pain and their fear, but since I know by experience that they are in excellent hands, it’s exciting! Hearing the patients report of their betterment is such a blessing to me. The patients are my very favorite part!

I will see you at the front desk!